Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reiki, How Its work

'Living from the Heart'
Reiki is a Tibetan form of Energy Healing, rediscovered
and promoted by Sensei Mikao Usui of Gifu, Japan.
REI - Universal Spiritual Consciousness, or Spiritually
Guided Consciousness
KI - Life Force Energy. In Sanskrit it's known as Prana,
in Chinese as Chi.
Translated, the meaning of Reiki is therefore:
'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy'.
The Life Force Energy is of the Creator, it permeates
our universe and everyone/everything within it. Its
limitless abundance can be accessed and used to create
balance and wellness in every aspect of our lives. Just as
there is "Medicine" with its various specialties, there is
"Spiritual Healing" with its various modalities. Just as
there are different radio frequencies, the same is true of
By: K. Niranjan Kumar Reddy Page 9 of 186
The Ultimate Guide to REIKI
healing energy. Reiki is a particular, gentle, noninvasive frequency.
The Reiki Tradition is a Sisterhood / Brotherhood of
those committed to healing themselves, each other, and
our planet. Those who perform Reiki have been 'attuned'
to bring through the Reiki wavelength of healing energy.
From receiving and giving attunements, I can testify that
they are truly miraculous, a gift of healing
empowerment from the all-loving Source.
Reiki is at the top of my list of preferred energy healing
 Healing and Curing
'Healing' and 'curing' are different things!
There have been times when one Reiki session
eliminated a client's long-term back pain. Other clients
instead receive the spiritual, mental and emotional tools
to better manage their physical condition. What
determines whether a client is 'cured' or not is Spirit.
Sometimes a person is learning soul lessons from their
physical illness, and it's not meant to be 'cured', with our
excellent medical technology or with energy healing!
Although we can ask for a particular result from the
sessions, it's then best left in the hands of Spirit... "Thy
Will Not Mine".
If a healer tells you they can cure your dis-ease, I offer
this word of caution: If your spiritual, mental and
emotional bodies aren't cleared of the root of the
problem, it will LIKELY recur, either as the same
condition, or something else in your body. Be aware of
those who promise specific results.

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